Ways to Build a Brand: USP and Brand Purpose


In this post we will show you two ways to build a brand: USP and Brand Purpose. Based on this, we will present some examples of campaigns carried out by different brands so that you can better understand the difference:


With USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or unique selling proposition We refer to the differentiation represented by the sales proposal of each brand. We can define it as a differentiation strategy that allows brands to compete with each other in a unique way in the market. In short, it is what makes customers buy our product and not those of our competitors, because they see in it something that others do not have:


Unique Selling Proposition mm USP and Brand Purpose
Ways to Build a Brand: USP and Brand Purpose 7

"The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand."


This is an example of how we can attract the interest of customers for a unique differentiationIn one of its first campaigns, m&m sends a clear message to its public: this chocolate does not melt in your hands. And it was a great campaign for the brand; we see this as showing that as long as a benefit is meaningful to potential customers, it will be effective. In this case, the fact that the candy coating prevents the chocolate from melting and messing up the consumer's hands is a definite customer benefit.


USP Brand purpose De Beers Axolot USP and Brand Purpose
Ways to Build a Brand: USP and Brand Purpose 8

"A diamond is forever".


The reason that DeBeers' famous slogan has been in use from 1948 to the present day is that the unique selling proposition is very clear and it is that being the almost unbreakable diamondsThey last forever and, therefore, are the conceptual symbol of eternal love. For its simplicity and great message capacity, Advertising Age magazine named this the best slogan of the 20th century. 


Avis USP Brand Purpose Brand axolot USP and Brand Purpose
Ways to Build a Brand: USP and Brand Purpose 9

"We're number two. We try harder"


In this USP In a more peculiar way than the previous ones, we can see how a company succeeds in establishing a unique selling proposition. And it is that it turns what appears to be a negative quality into a great benefit After being in second place for a long time, they decided to change their image and hired a famous agency to create a new advertising campaign. The campaign We Try Harder was so successful that Avis' market share went from 11% to 35% in just four years.


Brand purpose o brand proposalis what defines a brand and helps to focus the company's objectives. Any brand that has defined a good proposal is likely to have a stronger brand culture, and this factor, by itself, makes it be above average.

We can see that many of the big brands we know have the value and authority they have because of the way society sees them, because of the way they make themselves look. Here are some examples of different brands:


USP Brand Purpose Dove axolot USP and Brand Purpose
Ways to Build a Brand: USP and Brand Purpose 10

Dove is one of the best examples that we can use as a a brand with a great value proposition. Because their mission is even deeper than selling us creams and soaps.

Dove uses its brand to helping to improve women's self-esteem all over the world. This fact is a big problem and low self-esteem is a big problem for women. With campaigns like #speakbeakbeautifulDove seeks to help women gain more confidence in their beauty by encouraging women to use social media to say positive things about themselves and others.

This campaign resulted in viral exposure, with more than 35 million views on YouTube, and without paying for more than $ 150 million worth.

And although this does not give the brand a direct benefitmakes it more easy to relate to and recognize among the others. It's a purpose that anyone can agree with. It's a great way for Dove impacts the world while making money.


axe USP Brand Purpose USP and Brand Purpose
Ways to Build a Brand: USP and Brand Purpose 11

Last May, the brand Axe launched its campaign #isitokforguys in the United Kingdom and the United States, where a film was released that defied social norms and stereotypes about what it means to be "a man".

Axe's campaign decided to base its campaign on a established brand revaluation strategy (without losing Axe's relevance) and used a great perspective to create a solution that really felt relevant: With its power and influence it established a different image of masculinity and identity, and this was highly effective, making it feel more relevant to a new generation of consumers.

We can see how the brand purpose of Axe is based on a to inspire men to express their individuality, becoming their most attractive self, with a mission to expose that pressure and empower men to be who they want to be.


crayola USP axolot USP and Brand Purpose
Ways to Build a Brand: USP and Brand Purpose 12

Another example of brand purpose may be the paint brand "Crayola" Although we may think that it is aimed at children, the brand's buyers are an adult audience, and therefore they have managed to launch a good product. This brand, like those we have mentioned before, does not sell only paints, but also enters into deeper aspects that make its brand a differentiating factor in the market: Its objective is based on helping parents and teachers to raising inspired and creative children.

Crayola builds its name on values that encourage creativity in young people. The same brand has also created several programs to bring out the innate creativity of each child, as well as offering parents and teachers programs on how to inspire children's creativity.

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