Create a Business Plan in 8 Steps


The fact is that, in addition to a accessible and attractive website and good pre- and post-sales customer service, we must create an effective strategy for our business. That is why it is convenient to take into account the following eight points:

1. Have a good idea, and have a good business sense.

2. To know perfectly the Industrial Sector we are targeting and to know where the products we are going to commercialize are included.

3. To know perfectly the steps that we will follow to create an online store (which we will discuss below) and of course to have the necessary technological features to be able to carry out our task.

4. A good market research is a good way to see if our product has enough market and if it is adapted to online sales.

5. To have a perfect knowledge of the Target Audience.

6. Know and select providers (both traditional service providers and web hosting providers).

7. We will set business objectives.

8. Making a good financial plan and reviewing the expected results will be an important point in our plan, as it will let us know if we have the financial strength to meet the initial expenses of the company or not.

Today it seems that setting up an e Commerce has become fashionable and rumor has it that it is a much easier type of business than any other.


Create an e Commerce is not only based on creating a catalog of products and putting them up for sale on a website while waiting for orders to arrive..:

An e Commerce is a business that requires carrying out processes and various tasks like any other. It is a type of business that requires a lot of commitment and dedication on the part of the entrepreneur and the mistake many people make is to think that an online business ends when you have launched a website.

Setting up the website is one more step to take in the construction of this type of business, this, among many others as it takes to make an eCommerce plan from scratch, even more considering that once this is done we have to work the communication of the company to reach the desired audience and that the message causes a reaction in the buyer.

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