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For all those companies and businesses that have been left behind in this pandemic we bring 6 tips for the success of your online business in Coronavirus. We are currently aware of the crisis that Covid-19 has generated in our country, but this crisis has also brought about changes that directly affect our business. 

The companies have been forced to change their operation completely in a very short time and people have changed the way we interact and consume. Many companies that did not have their online business now have it, and this means that those that do not have it are left behind.

Users have become accustomed to consuming online and this has also changed the way we communicate. 

En this post by Axolot Agency brings 6 tips for your digital business to succeed during coronavirus:

 1. Prepare your telework space

As we can guess, the Coronavirus will not be a two-day thing, so it is better to be prepared. Often, companies have special tools and programs to carry out an action in your work, whether it is storing invoices, using mixing consoles to connect online to a radio, operating special software, etc. 

We recommend connect as much as possible these tools to your telework space, This means that if you have to work at home you won't have any problems. For example, if you have a store in the center of Santander, set up a website where you can sell your products online and connect your billing and stock platform to your home computer.

One solution is work directly in the cloud or have what you need there, so you can use it wherever you are.

The basis of this is that in order to be able to work from home it is essential to have access to all information, tools, software, data and accounts in the cloud.

At Axolot Agency we help you to introduce your digital business to the online world, we not only create your website, but we also make it a basic positioning to start it up, we create a communication strategy according to your sector, we renew the corporate image of your company to adapt to the new forms of communication and of course, we will make you see that everything is easier than it seems.

2. Do not lose communication

We live in an era in which we have no excuse to communicate with whomever we want from wherever we want. During the coronaviruscommunication with both your customers and your team is paramount in order to make your brand even more present and above all, it will help you not to lose work relationships or long-term projects.

As far as possible, in Axolot Agency we help newcomers digital businesses to understand and change to a new communication and way of working. The interaction with your customers is fundamental, for this you can use the social networks, the email or other communication tools to keep your internal and external audiences informed about your business news.

3. Learn to adapt to the context

It's heavy and we understand that, at Axolot Agency teleworking every day to carry out our projects and those of our clients. It can be exhausting to not be able to have instant physical contact with your team or your clients, however, a good organization can even help you to improve the performance of your online business from home.

We have to understand that for many people this is not an easy time. Many people have lost their jobs, parents have to deal with their children 24 hours a day, students attend online classes, we are faced with situations we have never experienced before.

We can say that the challenge for companies today is to find the way to reach their consumers and carry out their work activity, as well as the correct development of a digital business.

4. Find your consumers

One of the characteristics to be taken into account for your online business is that your consumers now move in a unique environment: their own home, where they spend virtually all day. These consumers will also try to accommodate their home to their new needs, so there are likely to be people who need computers, televisions, cell phones, video games, home appliances, exercise bikes, etc. The demand for these types of products has increased in recent months.

From basic products, such as food, to financial aid, training, kitchen utensils to prepare recipes or sports equipment for home gymnastics... these are just some of the products that have experienced an incredible demand in online shopping.

We recommend you to visit Google Trends to find out which direction your industry is moving in. From this you will be able to find out more easily how to find an interesting project or a need to satisfy.

5. Work on the positioning of your business 

When we talk about positioning an online business we are not only talking about the famous acronym "SEO"that places your business in the leading positions of search engines such as Googlebut we also refer to the positioning of your brand in the market and in the consumer's mind. We have to make sure that when a customer has a need, he/she remembers us.

Having a brand or a online business is worth nothing if no one knows it or can find it. To achieve a good market positioning we must get the customer to see your brand as something that is positiveand authority. To do this we will have to focus on the most outstanding quality of your business and create a strategy following that path. In this way you achieve position your business in the consumer's mind y to face your competition.

6. Experience

If you have never carried out a online business or you have never approached your consumers through online media the best advice we can give you from Axolot Agency is to experiment. Test for emailing, social network testingtry doing SEM campaignsa sfollow and interact with accounts of interesttry doing SEO to your own websitehe writes, create content interesting... Digital marketing is not learned by heart and it changes every day, the best way to understand how it works and find an audience interested in your products is by experimenting.

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